Our know-how is based on the selection of the ingredients we use to make our products. Over the years we have established a trusting relationship with various producers in the region who provide us with high quality meat, similarly for vegetables that are produced locally. We guarantee the quality of pork, beef, rabbit, veal and poultry meat which raised locally in France and respect the hygiene standards in force.



The first step in the production of pâtés is in the preparation. We cut the meat to inspect all the pieces and remove the unnecessary fat from the meat as well as small pieces of bone or blood vessels that may remain. Once the meat is ready we mince it more or less finely depending on the desired product. Then come the key steps, we mix the different pieces of meat with spices and quality ingredients such as calvados to recreate the flavour required and which are popular with our clients.


In the so-called hot room, we prepare the products that require to be pre-cook before sterilization. We prepare the pieces of meat, and the sauces and simmer the preparations. We follow strictly our recipe book created 20 years ago. Most recipes are inspired by old cookbooks or grandmother recipes. Once the mix is ready and the dishes are pre-cooked, comes the stages of potting and sterilization. This is delicate because these steps will depend on the conservation and quality of terrines and cooked dishes. Over the years we have learned to master this process. The sterilization takes place between 116 ° C and 118 ° C and for a duration varying between 20 minutes and 140 minutes depending on the product. The purpose of the sterilization is to cook or finish product to kill any bacteria and to create a vacuum in the pot that seals and preserves for three years. This preservation technique allows us to produce most of our products without preservatives, additives or dyes.


The final stage is the labelling and packaging of the pots, this step might seem trivial, but it is actually essential. On each pot the date of manufacture and serial number can be found so that all ingredients and processing can be traced to its origin. All this information guarantees the quality, provenance and reliability of our production.