The “Conserverie Saint Christophe” is a canning factory specializing in meat, poultry, game, fish, condiments and salicorne conserves. The company was created in 1990 by Eric VAN OOST and Christine APTHORP. They started their business by selling roast chickens and terrines on the local markets in the region.

The manufacture of canned food developed thanks to the success, which gradually turned towards development on a National and then European scale. This allowed them to continue solely on the manufacture of the products of the “Conserverie Saint Christophe”. The production was carried out in old barns in the family house until 2006, when a fire destroyed part of the buildings. Following this fire, the Conserverie was transferred to a new building located in the pasture next to the house.

Mr Van Oost, throughout his years, has always repeated a sentence to these customers:

« Our policy is quality and simplicity ! »

This sentence remains a driving force for this dynamic company full of projects!

Artisanale, authentique et traditionnelle

Our preserves are presented in sealed, sterile jars. We guarantee an artisanal authentic and traditional products, which respect all veterinary and hygiene standards. You can keep all our products tree years.

We offer specialties from the Picardy coast (such as pre-salted lamb terrine, salicorne, cockles, ...) and Flemish specialties such as “Pot I Vlees”, Flemish” Carbonnade”, Chicken “Waterzoï”” and a wide variety products with almost 50 references (pâtés, terrines, ready meals, condiments).