Samphire with Vinegar - 200g

€6.50 (€32.50 /kg)

Samphire is an halophilic plant that grows in our regional bays, salt marshes and estuaries. They are very rich in vitamins (A, B, C, D), minerals and trace elements. The samphire preserved in vinegar is the traditional way of conservation. The ideal season to enjoy this plant is from January to December.

Samphire in vinegar is a condiment very used by the great chefs. The samphire is a great accompaniment to cold meats (cured or smoked ham, pâté, salami and other cold cuts...), it is also perfect with “raclette”. It is also an additional ingredient to a Summer salad dressing.


Typical values (per 100g)

Energy 56Kj
Energy 14Kcal
Ingredients: Samphire, vinegar, water, sugar, salt pepper, spices 

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